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Analysis of the gap between China's machine tool industry and foreign enterprises

Announcer:Vokeneo  Time:2017-05-19

          At present, China's machine tool industry high-end is imperative, the machine tool industry developed to a certain extent, representing the strength of all aspects of the country, affecting the country's status in the world. At present, China's machine tool industry is a new round of industrial upgrading and optimization, the high-end machine is the key one of the development goals, launched China's high-end machine is with vigour and vitality!
         China is the world machine tool production and demand for power, but most of the domestic machine tool with general machine tools, CNC low coverage, accelerate the popularization of NC technology is an important means to solve the competitiveness of products China local machine tool enterprises is weak, profit margins, product homogeneity serious industry problem.
         Compared with the advanced enterprises in Germany, Japan and the United States, there are still a large gap between China's machine tool enterprises in addition, although some enterprises in our country developed in high-end CNC machine tools, but most are based on the main domestic machine tool manufacturing and import key components of the assembly, does not show that we have mastered the high-end CNC machine tools and key part of the overall development of technology and manufacturing technology. Affected by R & D capability, at present, 80% of China's middle and high grade CNC systems, 90% of high-grade CNC systems and 85% of high-end CNC machines depend on imports from abroad.
        The main reasons for the great gap between China's machine tool enterprises and foreign countries are:
First, the development of the industry is related to the political environment of the past. In the past, the support of the state was not enough, and the idea of enterprises eager for quick success and instant benefit was serious, which led to heavy host and light components.
        Two is, scientific research investment is little, the foundation is weak. For example, in some key parts of the field, some of our enterprises can do it, but they are made of high precision components with general machine tools, these products can also be used in some high-end CNC machine tools, but its precision and stability to maintain no, coupled with the problems and process level of raw materials the. People abroad advanced components can be used for three years without changing, and domestic components may only be used for one and a half years, you have to change. This is also the cause of low market share of domestic functional components.
        Key components and accessories determines the development of the host, only the key parts, accessories development level, the key components of the mixed rate increased, in order to form a group with strong competitiveness in the international machine tool manufacturing enterprises. We must speed up the pace of innovation and upgrading of machine tools technology, which will also become the most important task of China's manufacturing industry.
        It is an inexorable trend for the development of the machine tool industry to promote the internationalization of the machine tool industry. The next few years is China thoroughly implement the upgrade key development planning and strategic emerging industries of industrial restructuring, high-end machine tool manufacturing industry will usher in an important period of development, in the national policy to encourage and support, the machine tool enterprises should strengthen the competitive advantage, in order to have stable market share. Only in the cost, technology, sales channels and services and other differentiated competitive advantages of enterprises, in the future will become increasingly fierce market competition in an advantageous position.

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