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         Foshan city Shunde District Wokeniao Machinery Co. Ltd. is located in the city of Shunde woodworking machinery China District of Guangdong province Foshan City Lunjiao town, has a group of high-quality technical management and production team, has very high strength and reputation in the peer.
         The company is specializing in the production of single saw, sawing, sawing, double-sided planing and other solid wood furniture machinery. Book "excellence, the pursuit of perfection" concept, strict requirements for product quality and safety management. Provide comprehensive pre-sale, sales and customer service service Wokeniao machinery will never change the purpose.
        The management and control of the good, and a good sales network and perfect management mode, Wokeniao machinery will keep pace with the times, constantly improve the products, create more and more refined and more sharp and safer products to return customers. And with a more sophisticated business model, the most sincere service attitude, believe us! Let us create a mutually beneficial, mutually beneficial and mutually win business philosophy, together to open up brilliant future!

Manager Wang:13620825850

Manager Li:13923224656

Address:Shunde District of Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Lunjiao Xi Chung Industrial Zone Long Wei Road on the 10th

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