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Technical code for safety operation of woodworking machinery

Announcer:Vokeneo  Time:2017-05-19

1, planer must have the safety protection device, or prohibit the use of.
2, planing material should keep the body stable, both hands operate. When the face is planed, the hand should be pressed on the material; when the face is planed, the finger shall not be less than half of the material height, and shall not be less than 3 centimeters. No hand in the material push.
3, the amount of gouging may not exceed 1.5 millimeters per time. Feed speed uniform, after the plane opening force to be light, no feed back on the plane above.
4, planing thickness of less than 1.5 cm, length less than 30 cm of wood, must use a press plate or push rod, prohibit hand propulsion.
In 5, knurr, prop Croucher wants to slow down the pushing speed, pushing on the ban hand knot. The old material must be removed, such as nails, sand and so on.
6, change the blade should pull the brake, power off or take off the belt.
7, with a planer blade weight and thickness should be consistent, must match the turret, splint. The blade joint exceeds the cutter head and the cracked tool is not allowed to use. Screw blade should be embedded, worse, and not less than 10 mm from the. Thicknesser (including three surface planer, planer)
8. The machine only adopts one way switch, no reverse reversing switch is allowed.
9, feeding and receiving materials are not allowed to wear gloves, and should stand on the side of the machine. Planing shall not exceed 5 millimeters at a time.
10, the feed must be straight, walk or cross found material stuck, should be down to reduce the table right. When the hard section slows down the feeding speed, when feeding, the finger must leave the roller 20 cm outside, the material must be expected to go out of the table.
11, the length of planing material shall not be shorter than the front and back roll; the thickness of less than 1 cm of wood must be pad.
Two, band saw machine
1, the saw blade should be adjusted properly, trial run, sound normal, no string of dangerous, you can open the saw. The crack on the side of the saw blade exceeds 1 / 6 of the width of the saw blade, the crack at the joint is 1 / 8, the continuous tooth missing is two and the joint is more than three places, and all of them are not allowed to use. Where there is a crack, it should be drilled and cut.
2, the log on the sports car should be adjusted before the big head. When sawing old materials, they should be examined in detail to remove iron nails and other objects.
3, logs must be close to the car pile car plate, not to hang loose hook crow bar. During operation, hands and feet are not allowed to extend the edge of the sports car in case of collision.
4, non operating personnel shall not get on the car, the sports car has not stopped, prohibit the wood.
5, should be accurate shake the ruler saw before, shall not be changed into after saw size. The sawing speed shall not be too heavy, and the saw clip and the cleaning of the broken material, bark and so on are strictly prohibited during the operation.
6, car should not be too fast, and check out the closure, a cha obstacles such as the end of the wood saw more than 50 cm, and then reversing, in case the top off the saw.
7, the operation of small band, start to cooperate with each other, not a jerk. When feeding, hand shall not enter the table surface, and the hand shall not exceed the saw when receiving material. When sawing short materials, push bar feeding is applied.

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