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Wokeneo woodworking machine tool encoding rules

Announcer:Vokeneo  Time:2017-04-08

            We for some encoding rules of woodworking machinery tool to understand how much? The Wokeniao small as we talk about this knowledge, interested friends together to learn.
1. vertical knife
Serial number: number or combination knife knife A, B, C (which is even for clockwise, odd for reverse)
2. sides planer
Serial number: A said the left knife, B said the right knife, C knife, D knife, 1 said that the number of S
3. slot knife: slot knife used to call groove knife
4. flat knife: height is used to indicate the square of 100H
5. particle knife: regular regular particle cutter, bottom shaving cutter, ordinary shaving knife is easy to consume. When drawing, it is divided into bearing, particle knife, carving knife, dragon ball knife.
6. saw: mainly used for band saw, sawing machines, parts of fine slightly cutting processing.
7. saw: mainly used for double shear machine, automatic double shearing machine, vertical machine, sawing, sawing, lifting platform, saw cutting machine, automatic edge banding machine, trimming parts, small openings, line, trimming, fixed width, truncated processing etc..
8. bit: internal and external teeth, according to the material with Phi 11, Phi 11.5, two kinds of straight handle single layer drill bit. "1/4" internal and external teeth are made of phi 9, Phi 9.5, and two clocks according to the material. The center distance between boreholes is 18, 20, 32, and 32 multiples.
           How much do you know about the coding rules of these woodworking machines?

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